"Mark" watercolor by Chris Carter


Playing with color is difficult when the brain has been forced to accept a new concept or to rethink an old concept.  With this in mind, I have restructured the color workshops, presenting the “how” rather than the “why” of color and mixing pigments.  My hope is that students will be inspired to take the time, on their own, to create color wheels and color charts that will nudge them in the direction of expanding the possibilities of their own personal palettes.

Another issue that surfaced over the last several months is that carving an entire weekend out of one’s busy schedule is almost impossible.  I had originally used Saturday to present both theory and methods, thinking that there would be time to experiment, followed by an entire day (Sunday) to put into practice the ideas that had been pondered during the night.  I’ve decided instead to dive right into painting and/or collaging on Saturday after a very brief (15-20 minute) presentation of laying out a palette.

Sunday will be an option for students to return and continue color exercises if they wish.  All former students, those who have attended the color workshop at another time, are welcome to join us on Sunday even if they haven’t attended the day before.  I will be available to answer specific questions, provide new exercises and offer critique of work upon request.


"Tribal Belly Dancer, Rachel Brice" Oil painting by Chris Carter