Spools of Yarn found at the flea market

Nicole, Tom and I set out early this morning for the Route 46 flea market.  One of the treasures that ended up coming home with us is a box full of spools of wool yarns dyed in various shades of reds.  I piled the yarn into my large wooden bowl and set it outside on the grass so that I could paint it in the sunlight rather than interior lighting.

I continue to misjudge the value of reds.  I shot a photo for future reference.  Turning both the photo of the yarn and the photo of my little oil sketch into grayscale is helpful to clarify my misjudgment.  I will try again on another sunny day, concentrating more carefully on the values and the beautiful, subtle color changes within the rosey red family.  It was difficult to create a light value of the yarn without it losing the richness of its local color.  Lightening the red with white tends to make it a bit pasty.  I was using my limited palette of cadmium scarlet, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow pale, cadmium yellow medium, french ultramarine blue, viridian and permalba white.  The highlights on the spools should be at least as light in value as the background green.  Many of the spools can go a step or two darker to create a better feel of form and movement through the space around the spools.  I’ll pay closer attention next time around.