Chilly Day in April, 5" x 8" oil sketch

As the cold wind chilled my bones I slipped into frantic mode, dipping here and there with my brush, losing focus as my body fought against the cold.  In April the mercury should be rising, not falling.  Rarely did the sun break through the clouds to add a bit of contrast to the landscape behind my house.  When I squinted at my painting it faded into nothingness.

With little to lose I  stopped looking at the complicated, evenly lit field and trees.  I dipped into clean color and applied it to my painting as a mosaic of shapes and values, disregarding the neutral reality that lay before me.

The palette is still limited; cadmium yellow pale, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium scarlet, alizarin crimson, french ultramarine blue, viridian and permalba white.  I was tempted to try an ultra-limited palette today (yellow ochre, burnt sienna and prussian blue).  Perhaps it would have been a good time to try it out.  Maybe on the next neutral day.  Tomorrow?  The weather prediction is leaning toward a day similar to today.