A color combination suggested by Rick Daddario:


Winsor Red and Winsor Green (Yellow Shade)


I’m not sure if Rick meant the Winsor Green Yellow Shade or the Winsor Green Blue Shade.  Most likely it was the Blue Shade.  When I dug through my paints I found both.  The Blue Shade was hard as a rock so I opted for the Yellow Shade.

Red and Green are not my favorite combination.  I find them too close in value at full strength.  I also find them a bit nauseating when seen next to one another.  However, I am always willing to give them another try.  After making the chart above, I made another chart including ultramarine blue …


Winsor Red, Winsor Green and Ultramarine Blue Watercolor


The above exercises are the result of a recent blog dialogue discussing mixing darks rather than using black from the tube.

The Winsor Red and Winsor Green were still on my palette the next morning when I did a quick watercolor sketch of the Bittersweet bush outside the window in the gray light of a misty morning.  I have to admit that I liked mixing the two for my darker, warm greens behind the cool-colored leaves.


Bittersweet in the Gray Morning Light