Value studies with slight variations in color can be as satisfying as full color studies.


Pen & Ink Contour with Watercolor Wash


As I attempt to organize my workspace and get rid of things I no longer need or want, I am fascinated by the variety of containers I have acquired over the years that now hold paintbrushes.  I have tins, jars of all shapes and sizes, homemade pottery cups, bizarre china pitchers and funnel shaped measuring cups.

I continue to play with warm against cool, light against dark.  When time is short, there is nothing more satisfying for me than to make a quick contour drawing with one of my fountain pens and to drop in washes of watercolor using only two colors, usually ultramarine blue and venetian red.  I like the way they mix wet and wet on the paper.  The two pigments seem to bring out the best in one another.

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