When I lived in Boston I fastened my painting supplies on the rack of my bike and peddled near and far, stopping when something struck me as exciting to paint.

Carp Pond in the Bird Sanctuary outside of Boston, 1975, oil painting en plein air

I find it difficult to add a color scheme label to many of my paintings.  Until recently I never thought about the color scheme, I simply painted in response to the scene in front of me or as a response to the colors I was laying down on the canvas.  In my attempt to improve my color sense I find that I can’t depend on the weather conditions to provide me with exciting color.  Nor can I paint fast enough to capture the quickly changing morning and evening sky that illuminates the landscape with colors I want to see on my canvas.  For that reason I am looking to understand color schemes more clearly.  I want to be able to re-create the lighting conditions that excite me whether or not they are true to the reality of the scene.

I recall painting this little painting.  I was in a playful mood, not caring whether or not I was depicting reality.  I even laughed aloud when I made a mark that simply felt good.  No one was around to pass judgment, only the birds.

Since I am attempting to find color scheme labels I will have to mark this one as expanded analogous colors with the primary color as green extending three spaces on either side which then include the complements orange and blue.