Fortunately, formulas do not always fit the needs of a painting.

Detail of Illustration for cover of magazine, watercolor and pastel

I am having a hard time labeling the color scheme of this illustration I did in the early 90’s as a mock-up cover for Cricket Magazine.

Alexis, Mike and Nicole dressed for Sandy's wedding

The illustration was inspired by a “Fairy” themed birthday party for Alexis and Nicole.  Two of their friends dressed in the Flower Girl dresses I made for them.

I recall changing the color of the ruffles and trim from blue to pink for contrast against the large green mass of grass and trees.  Sarah’s hair bow became yellow to contrast against the purple of the distant mountain.   Both the yellow and the pink accents help to keep the flesh tones from popping out against the green.  In my attempt to analyze and label previous paintings with a color scheme I am forced to call this  a double complementary (green / pink) and (purple/yellow).

Any other opinions?

Below is the entire illustration.  The color is a bit off … I gifted the painting to Sarah’s mother before I had the ability to scan.

"Faeries" watercolor and pastel illustration