Thankfully there is a bit of blue to offset the analogous colors.

"Kathleen" watercolor portrait painted in 1980 from a reference photo taken on a trip to New York City in 1969

I continue to be fascinated with the abstractions created by reflections in store windows.  I love the way that the reflected shapes work with the objects on display.

This painting is mostly neutrals, set off by the pink neon sign and the blue scarf.  A few more cool colors would have added a greater illusion of depth to the painting.

This is one of the paintings that has survived the sorting and dumping of older work.  It still hangs on my wall.  It reminds me of the wonderful adventures Kathleen and I had as teenagers exploring New York City with my camera.  At night I transformed my mother’s kitchen into a darkroom.  I had fallen in love with black and white photography.  Kathleen was a cooperative model to add human interest to architectural abstractions and my obsession with rows of objects whether they be dump trucks or loaves of bread.