Since the sketch I did during Danielle’s graduation was meant to be a gift, I was nervous about applying watercolor washes to the original sketch.

Original Sketch of Danielle's Graduation, fountain pen, brown ink

I scanned the original and printed it on Arches watercolor paper using my Epson 2200 printer.  I then painted the print rather than the original.  I’ll let Danielle decide which one she wants.

Danielle's Graduation, Watercolor washes over digital print

I’m not crazy about the way the stained glass windows compete with the flags for attention.  They are too close to being the same width as the grouping of flags.  I think it would be a stronger painting if the windows were eliminated completely, allowing the back wall to be in the purple family, complement of the yellow flags.  The touch of blue in the graduation gowns would play a more important role.  The color scheme would be analagous with one complementary color (Purple/yellow complements with accents of red and blue.

The original drawing was done with a fountain pen filled with brown Noodler’s Ink.