I love what a bit of blue can do.

Portrait of guitarist John Greenaway, Watercolor sketch

Wow. Just that touch of ultramarine blue on John’s nose adds such dimension to the quick portrait sketch.  I’m determined to get back into a few close up and personal portraits when I’m painting at the Open Mic / Blues Jam evenings in Easton, PA.  I am so fueled by the live music and the commitment of musicians to keep playing their music.  We artists are not so public with our commitment to what drives us to do what we do.  I cannot say enough about the men and women who get up to a microphone whenever given the opportunity to do so. I will continue to support their efforts as long as I can, expressing their energy through my drawings and paintings.

This portrait of John would be dreadfully boring without that bit of blue!  He is so delightful.  I am glad my brush dipped into the blue to give him the bit of spark he deserves.  I hear he is the man whom Martin Guitar recommends for guitar instruction.  Hmmmmm.  I’m impressed.  He is also quite a nice person with a wonderful smile and generous with laughter.