I chose my palette last night to use pure color washes.

Todd Wolfe's Blues Jam, watercolor sketch

Todd Wolfe's Blues Jam

When working so quickly I must minimize the amount of water I use.  There is no time to allow for drying.  The mixing of colors is somewhat controlled along the edges as long as I use more pigment than water.

My palette last night was as follows:

Cadmium yellow, aureolin, winsor orange, vermillion, permanent magenta, dioxazine purple and peacock blue.  I wanted a palette that spanned the value scale used directly from the tube.  The dioxazine purple worked beautifully to mingle with other pigments and maintain its darkness.

Jay B, Guitarist. Watercolor sketch

Jimmy Somma, guitarist, watercolor sketch

For the initial sketch I used either a pencil or a dip pen and Parker Black Ink in a Mont Blanc ink bottle.  I find the Mont Blanc bottle works well due to its angled shape.