So many musicians, as do painters, wear black.

Roberto and Rob Fraser, Watercolor Sketch

This past Tuesday at the Blues Jam in Easton, Roberto was the major inspiration for me to brighten my colors.  Rather than the standard black clothing or the dark shirt with blue jeans, he wore a pale green shirt and khaki colored pants.  Under the lights, his gorgeous guitar looked almost red.  Though Rob was wearing dark pants, he, too had on a light greenish shirt.  (It’s always difficult to tell what the colors are in the dark of the restaurant or under the lights of the stage.

The equipment is generally black, too.  I like using the speakers to bridge between the musicians.  Since I am painting so quickly, the shapes of the equipment and the shapes of the dark clothing often get confused.  The visual effect of watching Roberto’s light valued body against the dark background wall and equipment opened up new possibilities for next week.  Thanks, Roberto!

Watercolor Portrait of Roberto

I like the way the ink works into the color.  I used a dip pen to draw with the ink before washing over it with watercolor paints.