Often, the identities of the figures I paint at the open mics and blues jam are recognized in spite of the lack of detail.

Maria Woodford Spillane and Rob Fraser

Rob’s hat and guitar are strong clues to the identity of the figure on the right.  It turns out that the brush stroke that represents Maria’s left hip is what identified her to a woman as she glanced at the paintings drying on the windowsill last Tuesday night at the Blues Jam in Easton.

I’ve often wondered how it is that a person seen from a great distance, bundled up for winter, can be recognized simply by the way she stands or walks.  As I paint these quick sketches of the musical moments my goal is not portraiture.  My goal is to express the energy and movement inspired and created by the vibrations of the sounds.  When the paintings also capture the unique movements and personalities of the musicians I am just as amazed and delighted as the curious friends and strangers who stop by to see what it is I am doing.

I used a dip pen to draw with permanent, black ink before applying washes of watercolor using a limited palette of vemillion, aureolin yellow and peacock blue.