Turquoise and pink have continued to find their way, together, into many of my paintings for decades.

Pink-suitcase-waiting-for-flight-to Florida

I couldn’t resist this wheeled, pink suitcase in the waiting area of Terminal A earlier this month.  The seats were a much darker blue.  As usual, I didn’t realize that the turquoise and pink combination was happening until it already smiled back at me from my sketchbook.  For many years I resented it’s  insistence on being part of every painting.  I was never a fan of the blue for boy and pink for girl connection of color in the early years of life.

Over time, I have embraced the combination, having found it to be abundant in nature, especially the sky and the snow as the the sunlight changes from white to yellows, pinks and oranges.  The warmth of the pink plays nicely with the cool of the blue.

The image was drawn first with black ink using a fountain pen and later painted with washes of watercolor when I arrived in Florida.