This painting veered off from the path I thought it was traveling.

E=Mc2, Oil on Canvas

I painted this sometime around 2005.  There had been several requests for me to paint figures in oil using the same method of throwing paint as I used for the large watercolors of marbleized figures. Watercolors require matting and glass to protect them.  Non-glare glass is quite costly.  The glare of regular museum quality glass is annoying to some collectors.

Oil paints did not work well when diluted to a consistency that I could throw.  That forced me to learn to mix my own fluid acrylics.  I am not a huge fan of acrylics, but I was determined to come to terms with my aversion.  This painting was one of the first that brought me closer to being excited about what I might be able to do with acrylics.

The rectangular shape of the hair inspired the abstract shapes in the background.  The shapes, for some odd reason, made me think of science and physics and mathematics which led me to think of Einstein which led me to think of my son’s large poster of Einstein which inspired me to make the background bright orange (Mike’s favorite color).  The play of orange against the blue skin was delightful.  I wondered why I didn’t play with complementary colors more often and more boldly.