As a painter, I’m not limited by reality.

Onion on a blue dish towel, watercolor sketch

It was late last night when I headed to bed and realized I hadn’t painted my daily “ordinary thing” sketch.  Earlier in the evening I commented on Alexis’ lament over not writing as much as she would like.  My comment was that she must simply show up at her desk each day to write whether she feels like it or not.  How could I possible go to bed after such preaching!

As I began dipping into paint I had in mind my earlier watercolor sketch of the teapot (you can see the teapot in the upper left corner).  I like the strong color and contrasts.  The plain blue dish towel didn’t provide me with the excitement I wanted in the painting.  I wanted the strength of the complementary orange and blue with a bit of variation on one of the colors (i.e. green/ purple variation of the blue, or red/yellow variation of the orange). I chose the red to make the colors vibrate a bit more than they would with the green or purple.

The odd shapes in the upper right corner are little onion patterns, just for fun.