When I painted at the Blues Jam last Tuesday evenings I was not intentionally using a color scheme of double complementary colors.

Todd Wolfe and Rob Fraser at the Blues Jam

It was the next morning when I lay out the little paintings that I analyzed their strengths and weaknesses.  I am often surprised when paintings fall into particular color schemes.  In the case of these two paintings, the color scheme is one of double complementary colors that are adjacent to one another: Blue/Orange and Purple/Yellow.  In the painting above, Todd Wolfe (left) is predominantly purple /yellow with the blue pants acting as an accent.  Rob Fraser’s (right) orange guitar brings out the subtle blue of his shirt while his purple paints link him, visually, to Todd.  The yellow strap also links to Todd’s yellow guitar.  Of course, these are not the actual colors of the clothing they wore.

Imagine how separate the figures would be from one another if the colors didn’t, in some way, link the two musicians together.

Blues Guitarist, Todd Wolfe

In the painting above, the double complementary colors appear in a single figure leading your eye around the figure to create a sense of depth, motion and rhythm.

Both paintings were drawn first in black ink using a dip pen, followed by watercolor washes.