The water to paint ratio is critical in these quick, live sketches of the musicians playing at the Tuesday Night Blues Jam.

George Kokolis and Joe Mac

Not only do the colors bleed into one another, the black ink that I use for the initial drawing bleeds easily into the wet paint.  I was pleased that I was able to keep George’s face from going too dark from the inevitable ink bleed from his eye.  I generally use a heavy dose of pigment on my brush so that the colors are immediately vivid and dry without losing intensity.  When I’m working complementary colors next to one another, i.e. the rose color next to George’s green shirt, I had to be careful that I didn’t use too much water or the colors will flow together creating mud. I was also careful not to allow the background to bleed into the figure of Joe Mac except in his hat.  The play of light background against the darker value of Joe’s clothing plays against the figure of George, defined more by the lines of the ink drawing than a contrast of values.