Experimenting with a limited palette, analogous color scheme, focusing on using the full range of values.

Shaman's Apprentice

Using only variations of orange, red and purple the illusion of form is created by placing warmer oranges against cooler purples, allowing colors to blend wet-in-wet on the paper for smooth transitions between colors and by bringing forward forms on the face with shapes of high value. When you squint at the painting notice that the values of the shapes work in the abstract sense to move your eye through the painting, helping to create the illusion of the space around the volume of the head.  By using an analogous color scheme (three adjacent colors on the color wheel) the focus is on mood or emotion rather than on the illusion of natural light or reality.

The figure was suggested from layers of watercolor paint poured and thrown onto the paper.  A brush was used to further define the figure.  Gouache was used to bring back light values on the face and to balance the abstract shapes of the overall painting.