I am way overdue to paint several studies of only cloth folds!

Blown Glass Vase, Oil Painting

The one stroke per color challenge forces me to use cleaner color and to focus intensely on the value of the color I mix.  In this study, the folds of the fabric presented the greatest challenge and I found I painted more from my logical brain than from the information my eyes fed me.  Warm vs. cool variations of the cloth, illuminated by a warm light source should have been a bit easier for me, but it wasn’t.

This is the second color study I’ve done using the one-stroke-per-color technique.  When painting this way I use less white in my mixtures than normal.  To me, that means I am in the habit of using too much white paint to adjust my values rather than taking advantage of the local value of each pigment.  By choosing color according to value and temperature while leaning toward the local color of the objects , I end up with more exciting color interactions.