I knew the ink would bleed as soon as I came close enough to it with my brush.

Todd Wolfe, Blues Musician, Watercolor Portrait

The night was young and I hadn’t yet shifted into painting mode.  My brush hesitated, fearful of the black ink bleed.  My mood throughout the day had been a bit dark and I didn’t want to carry that darkness into the night’s experience of the music, nor into the expression on Todd’s face.  The ink lines already expressed a tension in his brow that I felt in my own.  After the first few tentative strokes of color I stopped.  For me, the painting works in its simplicity of color.

Painting: dip pen in black ink followed by a few strokes of watercolor washes.

Todd Wolfe playing at the Todd Wolfe Blues Jam, March 8, 2011, Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant, Easton, PA.