Sometimes the strength of a color is in its subtlety.

'Musician' Open Mic

While sorting through piles of paintings of musicians for the upcoming exhibit at Connexions Gallery I found this little gem.  I didn’t write the date or the name of the musician on the painting. I recall feeling frustrated at the time because my colors weren’t bright and lively.  Fortunately, this little painting didn’t end up in the trash, rejected because of it’s neutral colors and lack of values range.

The shift from warm to cool defines the shift from face to hair. The shift in value defines the shift from hair to shirt collar. The shift back to warm from cool defines the form of the shoulder and back as it transforms into the arm and down to guitar.

The hard edge of the musician’s face defines the subject of the painting.  everything else supports that edge.

I wish I could remember who the musician is.  Most likely it is a singer/songwriter performing at the Open Mic at Porter’s Pub run by Maria Woodford three or four years ago.