Last night’s goal at the Blues Jam was to combine strong, playful line with juicy, pure color.  The challenge is to not have the ink bleed into the color so much that it loses the quality of being a line.

JB and Scott Bones Ward, watercolor and ink

My solution was to allow the bleed only on the outside edges of the musicians.  I use tube pigments, but not always freshly squeezed into my palette wells.  Last night I refilled the wells and was quickly reminded that fresh squeezed paint is so much more manageable than hardened paint that is brought back to softness with water from my eyedropper.  The pure, intense color of pigment that has never lost its juice mixes with other pigments in a way that easily creates layers of depth and variation.  I am, however, far too frugal to throw my paint out at the end of each day.

I used a dip pen in black ink for the drawing and pure, moist pigment for the strokes of color.