Hidden in the shadows a figure’s hands danced across the keyboard.

Arne Englund playing keyboard

There were no shapes, no values, no colors to define the form behind the speakers, there was only the sound of the keyboard spilling out from the front of the room at Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant.  To my surprise, I recognized the figure as Arne Englund who is running the Blues Jam while Todd Wolfe is on tour in Europe.  I’ve heard Arne sing, I’ve heard him play guitar and he has fabulous.  I hadn’t heard him play keyboard and, to my delight, discovered he is fabulous at that, too.

Such simplicity.  I started with pencil, realized that it was totally unsuitable for the moment and jumped right to watercolor strokes, inventing shapes and values that were indistinguishable where he stood in the shadows.

Limited palette of  dioxazine purple and aureolin.  The intermingling of the two pigments help to create the effect of the figure being in shadow