The choice was to either tumble into bed or to force myself to stay awake long enough to do a quick drawing in the sketchbook that is next in line to be completed.  I opted to stay awake.

Art Supplies in Three Modules

I wish I had scanned the original version of this sketch.  I made two changes to it after it’s first layers of washes.  Last night I applied a wash of yellow over the original wash of the red/orange background of the center module.  The result is the yellow/orange glow of the wall behind the can of paint brushes.  The other change I made this morning after having a fresh look at the sketch.  The border around the center module was a dull red.  The entire sketch looked a bit lifeless.  I added another wash of bright red on the border and the entire sketch popped into life.

I thought of this as a sketch in primary colors.  As I reconsider, I see that the secondary colors of green, orange and purple are significant as transitions of hues, bridging the primary colors with an illusion of depth that would not have been possible if I stayed with only the primary colors of red, blue and yellow.  Also note that the blue border of the top module remains less intense than the red border, setting it back as the module at the greatest distance from the viewer

By adding the second wash of red I lost the translucency of the watercolor, but gained a great deal in the sketch as a whole.

First drawn in black ink with my purple glitter, fine nib, waterman fountain pen followed by washes of watercolor.