Skipped a few days of posting to take care of family matters, cleaning out the attic of the house my parents built in 1952.

Corduroy Elephant ant Totems

One of the treasures found in the attic is the corduroy elephant from my childhood.  Sketchbooks are a wonderful alternative to cluttering my studio and home with memorabilia.  I find that I hold onto things because of the stories and memories that they trigger.  By drawing the things in my sketchbook, a flat piece of paper serves the same purpose and takes up a lot less room.  After a drawing or two, the will, almost painlessly, get rid of the object in one way or another.

I wanted to hold true to the colors of the elephant.  They are, obviously, complementary colors (red and green).  I decided to play with the background and table surface by introducing another set of complementary colors (purple and yellow).

The elephant can no longer stand up without the support of a small coffee mug under its belly.  I opted to leave that out of the drawing.  Even with support, the elephant tries very hard to lie down again.

Ink drawing using a Parker 51 Fountain Pen filled with black ink, followed by watercolor washes.