A value study in grays can come to life with a stroke of color, especially red.

Hercules Bike Pedal

This old, Hercules bike pedal was among the treasures of junk found in the attic of the house my family built in 1952.  Somehow it survived the dumpster by two votes, mine and my brother’s.  Now that I have drawn it I will send it to New Hampshire.  Why?  I haven’t the slightest idea.  Some things are just meant to be cherished a little longer.

I’m experimenting with the old Marvy 1300 markers I found tucked away in a closet.  I want to be able to add color without the drying time necessary for watercolor.  I’ve not been a great fan of markers and colored pencils are way too tedious for me.  I used a somewhat dried out gray #12 for the rendering of the pedal after doing the drawing with my Parker 51 fountain pen.  The extraneous shape at the bottom of the lower rectangle begged for a bit of flare, so I added the bright red #2.  I’ve always liked the way that black and red bring out the strengths of one another.