After a few attempts at value studies with my new Ciao Copic Markers I realized I needed to make value charts and identify my markers by value according to my five step and seven step value scales.

Five and Seven Step Value Scale Analysis of Markers

I have only a small selection of markers, mostly warm and cool grays.  I evaluated the value of each marker considering both a single stroke and a double stroke of each marker.

Comparing marker values to value charts

Note that my value scales run off the edge of the page.  My marker strips also run off the edge of the strip so that I can more easily compare the values.

Plotting the values

After deciding where the value of each marker, for both one stroke and double stroke, I complete my five step and seven step value charts for easy reference.  It is difficult to use the markers effectively when I try to judge the value by the caps on the markers.

Two landscape value studies

Simple value scale landscape sketches are much easier using my reference charts.