The eye explores a painting, directed by changes in shapes, values and hues. When any of those elements are too similar, the eye finds less reason to move about.

Hue intensity grabs the spotlight

The cluster of orange shapes in the center right are of slightly darker value, greater hue intensity and warmest color temperature.  This was unintentional. It steals the attention away from the three musicians and the nuances of analogous colors that bleed nicely into one another.  This orange mass appears solid and flat.  It creates an inconsistency  in the spatial relationship between figures, walls, floors and instruments.

Rob Fraser and Rich Frikkers

The variety of shapes is made more apparent when the values, hue intensity and color temperature are more varied and dispersed throughout the painting.  the eye moves from one shape to another being either pushed or pulled from one area to the next.

Sketches: drawn first with dip pen in Mont Blanc black ink, followed by watercolor.  Painted during the Tuesday night Blues Jam at Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant, June 14, 2011

Top sketch color scheme: Analogous

Bottom sketch color scheme: Double Complementary