This is not at all what I intended to do with the Bakelite Buckles and Buttons.  Sometimes I need to play.  I am far too serious about everything in life except chocolate and bubbles.  This was sketchbook playfulness with a touch of tightness.

Bakelite Buckles and Buttons

The sketch turns out to be a double complementary color scheme of blue/orange and green/red.  The blue/orange is dominant. The green/red complementary pair are the supporting actors.  The gray buckle is the neutral that grounds the two pairs from getting carried away with themselves.

Over the years I have spent too many hours and too many paints, canvases and wood panels tediously exploring ideas, color schemes and compositions that could easily have been explored in a sketchbook at a fraction of the time and cost.  The experiments that continue to excite me can move on to the next stage.

Another advantage of making good use of sketchbooks is that they take up far less room than stretched canvases and wood panels.

Maybe after a dozen playful sketches of my Bakelite Buckles and Buttons I’ll find something worth exploring with oil paint on a larger format.

Sketch: drawn first with Preppy Roller Tip Pen filled with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Ink followed by washes of watercolor in spiral bound sketchbook