Goulet Pens, www.gouletpens.com, offers a monthly package of sample inks.  On Saturday I received my second package.

July Ink Drop from Goulet Pens

This months Ink Drop included three highlighter inks, an invisible “ghost” ink, an empty Preppy Marker Pen, an eyedropper to fill the pen and a fabulous, tiny blacklight to view the ghost ink as well as the highlighter inks.

I made the test card of the inks to see how well they stand up when water, watercolor pigments and Ciao Copic Markers are used on top of them.  I have found that the other tests I have done with my inks have been extremely useful since I generally use watercolor washes with my ink drawings.

Ink Test on Highlighter inks

I’m sorry that you can’t view the ghost ink.  It looks great under the blacklight.

The Dragon Catfish Pink has possibilities for me.  I’ve already used it in a painting of pink hollyhocks, mixed with permanent magenta watercolor.

I’m not much of a highlighter person.  Instead of filling the marker pen with the highlighter inks, I filled it with Noodler’s Walnut Ink.  I’m hoping that I can use dilutions of inks in refillable marker pens rather than the Ciao Copic Markers that are drying up far too quickly.