The cricket is a casualty of cutting the pipes to replace the fifty year old furnace.

Cricket. Ink and Watercolor

We often have an abundance of giant spiders in the basement.  Thanks to the extended family of crickets that moved in this year, the spider population is down.  Though I adore insects of all kinds, I prefer crickets to spiders.  This fellow insisted on hanging out in the sink as we were dumping buckets of water from the draining pipes.  He survived all but the last bucketful.

I enjoy playing with colorful neutrals.  I used a limited palette of aurolean yellow, dioxazine purple, thalo blue and a touch of burnt sienna in this little sketch.  The ink is one of my favorites, Noodler’s Black Swan in English Rose.

I have learned from painting in the dark at the Blues Jam that thinking of value first and color second often results in better, cleaner color that is effective whether or not it is realistic.

This sketch finishes up another sketchbook!  Only about sixty more to go before I can splurge and buy another one.

Sketch: Drawn first with Noodler’s Flex Fountain Pen filled with Black Swan in English Rose Ink, followed by watercolor.