Some say your key ring indicates your level of importance.  I think my key ring indicates my life is far too complicated.

Symbolic Key Ring

If Peter Faulk’s character Columbo saw my key ring he would immediately know:

I have too many cars to repair, maintain and fill with gas.

I have access ( and responsibility ) of more than one house.

Multiple pad lock keys indicate access ( and responsibility ) to private information and/or more buildings.

Membership to Gibson’s Gym and Easton Yoga.

There was a time when I had only four keys on my key ring. One unlocked the front door to the building where I lived in my studio, the entire seventh floor at 101 Broad Street in Boston.  One unlocked the door to my studio.  The other two were for my bike, one for the kryptonite lock that secured the bike to a pole and one for the chain lock that secured my front wheel to the bike.  Life was simpler then, even though I didn’t think so at the time.

Sketch: Drawn first with Noodler’s Flex Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Midnight Blue Ink, followed by watercolor.  Complementary Color Scheme of yellow / purple taking advantage of the natural color value range of yellows and purples.