After making new color charts using acrylic paint, I no longer have the excuse that I can’t get decent colors from acrylic.

Acrylic Color Charts

The choice was to either give away all my acrylic paint or paint with it. I have an odd assortment of colors.  I also had a bad attitude about the inability to make lovely color with acrylic.  My solution was to make color charts similar to the Richard Schmid  color charts I made using oil paints.  If I found that I could not mix beautiful colors while making the charts I would bag up the acrylic paint and give it away.

I arbitrarily grabbed a red (perylene red), a yellow (Indian Yellow Hue), a blue (Prussian Blue), a green (Permanent Sap Green), and a brown (Raw Umber).  I used Titanium White to lighten each of the color mixes except in the sixth column.  I used Zinc White to mix with the mother color of each panel.  Zinc White lightens the color while still maintaining a bit more of the intensity of the color than Titanium White.  I find Titanium to mute colors quite quickly.  Titanium is more opaque than Zinc.

Close up of Perylene Red Panel

I won’t be giving away my acrylic paints.