Power is restored, paintings scanned and ready for posting!  It is, however, still raining ….

Arne Englund, Steve Decker and Rob Fraser

Sometimes it helps to have a low level of energy.  When I painted these last week, I was halfway through our power outage from Hurricane Irene.  All fourteen paintings done that night during the Blues Jam express a put-it-down-and-leave-it attitude.  Shapes are either united by the proximity of their colors or accentuated by their difference in temperature (warm or cool) and value.  I found that I left many of the figures unpainted, allowing the background color to define the figure as a simple shape.

Steve Decker on Drums

I’m happy when I go home with a painting of a drummer.  So often they are blocked from view.  I especially like the transition from warm to cool colors in this painting of Steve.  When painting like this with watercolor I feel that the paint and I are partners.  I allow the paint to spread and mix on the paper and the watercolor allows me to respond to the music and the energy in the room without getting fussy.

Paintings: drawn first with black ink using a dip pen, followed by strokes of watercolor