Watercolor allows me to vary the value of the color (hue) without diminishing the characteristics of the hue.

Rich Frikkers on Drums, Blues Jam

In the painting above I have taken advantage of the intrinsic value of purple.  Purple, without dilution is a dark value.  It contrasts well with light-valued yellows.

Rich Frikkers and Justine, Blues Jam

In this second painting, I used exactly the same pigments, but diluted the purple to a lighter value, one much closer to the intrinsic value of yellow.  An extra dip into the water tin and a totally different effect is created.

When thinking about painting en plein air landscapes, controlling the level of contrast between values is essential to capturing the light effects of the day.  Sunny days show the entire range of the value scale.   Cloudy days exhibit only the mid-range of the value scale.

Paintings: Painted during the Todd Wolfe Tuesday Night Blues Jam in Easton, PA.  Drawn first with black ink using a dip pen, followed by washes of watercolor.