Painting from Color Wheel Number two has left me craving mid to light value blues and purples.  My craving led me to stay up late last night designing the most ridiculous color wheel I can imagine. Absolutely no one would have listened to my gentle encouragement to stick with it and create one, even sipping wine or scotch.  When I finish painting mine, I’ll post it so you all can have a good chuckle. Don’t hold your breath.  It might be 2012 before I complete it.

Planning Colors Wheels 3 & 4

After last night’s leap into the world of the absurd, I awoke with an alternate plan for the next two color wheels.  Number 3 will be based on a Seven Step Value Range using eight pigments to mix twenty one hues.  Number 4 will be based on a Nine Step Value Range using the same eight pigments to mix twenty one (slightly different) hues.  The goal is to recognize the hues and values in terms of Light Value, Middle Value and Dark Value.

I had forgotten how many color wheels, color charts and color samples I created during the last two years.  I ended up using information from all of them to create the design plan for Color Wheels 3 and 4.