One last check in the mailbox before heading to JFK to pick up Nicole and Alexis. Just as I had hoped, my Peerless Water Color Papers had arrived in time to snip a few samples and tape them into a CD Case.

Left: Back of Paper ... Right: Front of Paper

In my rush, I never looked at the back of the paper.  I had assumed that I had snipped a few dark valued strips and two mid-value strips.  I didn’t see any yellows at all.  Had I looked on the back (a real plus for taping them into clear, clamshell CD cases) I would have seen the way the pigments really look when applied with a water brush to paper.

Grayscale version of top image

These are incredibly convenient for quick, spontaneous, while you wait for someone paintings!

Starbucks and Subway at JFK Terminal 7

I was wishing I had darker values to work with.  In spite of that, I am hooked on these pigment saturated papers and I’m setting up several variations of palettes for easy Grab-and-Go painting.  The colors are luminous and vivid.  This is my first attempt and reminds me of the Sunday Funnies.  I’m not used to such candy-like colors.  With a bit of practice I’m sure I’ll begin to achieve results with a bit more control.

Link to Peerless Watercolor Papers

Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Whalerman Sepia Ink, followed by washes of watercolor using a waterbrush with Peerless Watercolor Papers Taped into a clear, clamshell CD Case using double-sided tape.