My plan was to experiment with mid value hues of autumn leaves in a hedgerow.

Landscape with splatters

I awoke to a hedgerow of trees stripped bare by wind and rain.  The plan required a bit of improvising and, after trying to alter the color of shadows on the grass, the plan was totally scrubbed, as were the now muddy shadows on the grass.  With nothing to lose I played with complementary colors in an attempt to bring life back into the little sketch.  Yellow / green trees against red / purple mountains and a field of pale orange adjacent to another shape of  neutralized blue ground are the supporting actors for the vivid splatters of bright red against pale green grass.

A sketch is never a total loss.  I look at errors and mistakes as opportunities to play without the pressure of getting it right the first time.  The more paintings I push further after failing, the better my chances are for getting it right the first time in my next painting.  I’ve learned more of what doesn’t work and I’ve learned more about what might work that I hadn’t tried before.