I will post my progress on Color Wheel Five, but I will not post the directions until I have completed it.  Already I see the need for tweaking.

Color Wheel 5, Neutrals and Value Range

The original plan was to pick twelve pigments and use them straight out of the tube to keep a measure of control and consistency.  I needed yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-red, red, red-purple, purple, purple-blue, blue, blue-green, green and green-yellow.

The purple-blue has been the first major problem.  I know that Thalo Blue is not purple-blue, yet I thought it still might work in the color wheel.  Clearly it doesn’t.  There is nothing neutral about adding Thalo Blue to Cadmium Yellow.  The result is green, a saturated green rather than a neutral green.

I will be over-painting many segments, as I adjust the hue and the value.

Color Wheel Five: oil on gessoed rag board.