I will post sample paintings using Color Wheel Five soon.  Sorry for the delay.  Life has done its best to interrupt the flow.

Neptune's Garden 17" x 33"

It’s been a long while since I’ve thrown and splattered watercolor and acrylic paints onto large sheets of watercolor paper.  Neptune’s Garden is an example of an extended analogous color scheme that successfully creates the illusion of movement through vast space.  The neutral yellows, oranges and warm purples are enriched by spots of bright red and accent drips of ivory.  An underpainting including a cooler violet extends the illusion of depth in the painting.

I owe my son a large painting of a sailboat carving through water, sails harnessing strong winds.  After the holidays I will attempt to combine the technique used in Neptune’s Garden with a somewhat realistic representation of the sailboat, Santarella.  The color scheme will be cooler, perhaps extended analogous with a near complement (Blues extending toward green and toward purple with the complement of yellow / orange).

Painting: First five or six layers created by throwing watercolor paints, allowing to dry completely between layers.  Additional layering using watercolor, gouache and acrylic paints.  Arches 300 lb paper