The directions for creating Color Wheel Five are now posted.

Painting using Color Wheel Five

I painted two sample paintings using Color Wheel Five looking out my studio windows this afternoon.  By laying out my paints in a circle, making sure that they are in the same order as my Color Wheel Five, it’s quite simple to mix exactly what I want, making minor changes as necessary.  It’s immediately clear when the value is right or wrong when I do a preliminary value sketch in pencil or ink prior to beginning my painting.  My colors stay clean.  As soon as I make mud I know that I’ve strayed from my color wheel.  If I find myself lost, looking for a color, I look carefully at the color choices within the proper Value Range Ring and simply pick a gorgeous color and try it!   I usually break through into a more creative use of color.

I keep my brushes clean and wipe any muddy colors off my palette so they don’t contaminate the beautiful colors.  I try to be inventive by adding extra colors from the appropriate Value Ring that may not be what I see in my landscape or object.

Sample ... straying from reality

In the painting above(sorry it’s a bit blurry), I stayed with my original sketch of shapes and values, but played with the color.  It is much livelier than the view out my window this afternoon.  I wasn’t in the mood to paint another gray day.  Using my Color Wheel, it is easy to be inventive.

Link to Directions for creating Color Wheel Five