I am on the lookout for wide spots in the road where I can park my car and paint during the upcoming months of winter.

From a wide spot in the road

I am desperate for good spots to park from the front seat of my K-car.  What I really want is a good panoramic view of hedgerows slicing through hilly expanses of fields.  I want that crazy quilt aspect of the landscape.  I have a week to go before I am let loose again to capture the abstract beauty of the landscape I travel through, whether in New Jersey or in Spain or France or Peru.  I sense that roads will continue to play a major role in my paintings.  It is from the line of a road that the kaleidoscope of landscape comes into focus and thrills me to the core.

My little CD case Peerless Watercolor Paper palettes of paint force me to paint by value rather than color.  I am testing out a few more of the water brushes made by Kuretake.  I discovered that my first water brush was a mini brush.  The regular brushes that come in a variety of sizes have longer handles, holding more water, but too long to fit a snack size zip lock bag.

The colors of the Peerless Watercolor Papers are always a bit shocking to me.  They are a bit psychedelic.  It was only while cross country skiing down a mountain in Colorado with my brother in 1983 I remember seeing the landscape in such vivid colors.  I adore these little bits of saturated paper; they force me out of my mold and into another world of limitless possibilities.

Sketch:  Drawn first with my burgundy fountain pen marked Riona (I think it was the name of the original owner) filled with Noodler’s Nikita red ink, followed by washes of Peerless Watercolor Papers using a Kuretake size 9mm water brush.