A color either sings or falls silent depending on the colors it keeps company with. Scroll back and forth between the two variations of the images posted below.

Trumpet Parts Number 17, red border

The red border causes the mustard-colored background to look ghastly.

Trumpet Parts Number 17, blue border

Unable to paint fresh color over the red border, I cut and pasted on my computer to see what a bright blue might do.  I felt that the mustard background had potential that just wasn’t being nurtured by its neighbors.  Overall, the colors are a bit strange.  Experiments are worthwhile when taken far enough.  Learning my dislikes are as valuable as learning color combinations I like.  Neutrals can be tricky.  I was out of my comfort zone on this one.  I added gouache to correct the background value.  I had used a W5 Ciao Copic marker rather than a W3 making the value too dark. The shadow shapes were lost.  I ended up with the strange mustard background that I brightened a bit with more yellow.

Sketchbook painting:  Part of the 100 drawing/painting Trumpet Parts Series.  Drawn first with fountain pen filled with mix of red and black Noodler’s ink, followed by watercolor, Ciao Copic Markers and gouache.