Just prior to writing this morning’s post, I read today’s Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter, What Turn’s You On?  It is a perfect fit with today’s post.

Backyard Travels

Yesterday afternoon, while painting (again) the trees and shadows of my backyard, I found myself distracted.  The light was uninteresting and I couldn’t simplify the pattern of bare branches enough to satisfy me.  Without realizing it I had added wind-blown clouds to a cloudless sky and patches of color to the shadow patched ground.  My focus returned.  With a smile on my face I looked to the landscape around me for information I could add to the imaginary landscape evolving on my wood panel.  Where did the shapes and colors come from?

Apples for Miguel

Maybe from the patterns of the apples Dine arranged on the table for Miguel.  He eats at least five each day!

Washington Wash Hanging on Clothesline

Maybe from the colorful wash I saw hanging on my way to Gibson’s Gym.  I drove around the block, parked my car and walked three blocks back to grab this photo.  I’m grateful for cell phone cameras!

Maybe it is the memory of the rapeseed field in the south of France.  Ahhhhh …. to return to Provence …..

There are thousands of images stored somewhere in my brain.  All I have to do is acknowledge them.  What fun!

Painting: Oil on wood panel

Palette: Titanium White, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, cadmium red light, french ultramarine blue, pthatho blue, viridian.