Trumpet Parts Number 22 began well … but I got carried away, over-layering ink, watercolor and gouache to the point of loosing luminosity.

Trumpet Parts Number 22

The bright colored gouache dried five shades duller than it began.  I continued to believe that one more application would bring back the light value I needed to improve shapes and composition.  It only became muddier.

Close up of Trumpet Parts Number 22

As always, I feel time is not lost when I look hard enough for something to learn from the experience and experimentation.  In this case, I’ve decided I will try again, starting off with freely applied splats of ink as preliminary marks to work from rather than hold off until the painting is past its prime and I am left hoping that splats will re-energize it.

Sketchbook painting: drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Purple Heart Ink, followed by watercolor, followed by gouache, followed by splats of watercolor and gouache, followed by splats of Noodler’s black ink, followed my many more layers of all of the above…….