I posted a sample of dice a la Primary Triad Color Scheme this morning on my other blog.  Check it out if you want to compare the two.  Link at the end of this post.

Dice, Secondary Triad Color Scheme

Secondary Triad Colors: Orange, Green and Purple

Looks like it will be a bit longer before I post rules to the game.  I’ve expanded it to cover the basic elements of art: Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture and Space!  Staying limited has always been a challenge for me.   In addition to the expanded areas of game playing, all the elements will have flexible and multilevel rules, easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for advanced painters.  I don’t really like rules, but creating them helps me to clarify the choices I make as an artist when drawing or painting whether in my sketchbook or on canvas.  With a common language and foundation it is easier to ask and answer questions concerning why a painting either works or doesn’t work.

Sketchbook painting:  drawn first with pencil, painted with watercolor, followed by dip pen in Rohrer & Klingner Cassia ink (Purple).  White gouache added to regain lights.

Link to this morning’s post on Third Time Around: Primary Triad Color Scheme – Dice