Very little time this morning for playing games.  Luckily, the toss of the dice gave me an easy color scheme in the real world.

Lily and Rose, Analogous Color Scheme

The analogous colors are green, yellow and orange.  Though the Valentine’s Day flowers are wilting, they worked well for this quick sketch before getting on with my busy day.  What is the orange shape in the bottom right corner?  It had to be there to balance the awkward comp0sition.  I would scratch my name into this mark if I wanted to sign the work.  I wanted to try anchoring the drawing on two, opposite sides.  I might have succeeded without the mark had I taken more time to compose the flowers and leaves a bit better.   Sketchbooks are great for this sort of experimentation.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with Waterman Phileas filled with black ink, followed by watercolor, limited palette.