I spent the entire day with my cigar box filled with parts of trumpet valves.  What a luxury!  I’ve become addicted to my own game.

Trumpet Valve and Silver Spoon, Basic Triad Color Scheme

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I’ve often wondered, when standing before a painting executed with brilliant and bizarre colors, how the artist came up with such combinations.  Reality had far too tight a hold on me without my knowing it.  I neither saw the exciting color, nor did I feel I had a spring board from which to leap into the glorious world of invention.

When putting together the Color Scheme Game I was concerned that it might be too contrived.  It’s just plain easy …. and fun.

I had drawn so many Oxalis leaves that my hand began drawing them without my eye looking at them.  I needed to take a break from them.  I grabbed a small, silver ladle from a drawer.

First Throw = Nine ( Basic Triad Color Scheme)

Second Throw = Eight (Dominant Color, Purple/Red) leaving me with Purple/Red, Blue/Green and Yellow/Orange)

Sketchbook Drawing: Drawn first with Noodler’s Flex Pen filled with mystery brown ink, followed by watercolor.  I like the brown ink blending into the color in the spoon handle detail.