Wet into wet gives variety to the background shapes.

Trumpet Parts No. 64, Ink and Watercolor Sketch

Playing the Color Scheme Game, I threw a twelve (Modified Triad) and a six (Blue/Violet). That gave me Blue/Green, Blue/Violet and Red/Violet.  I worked wet into wet for the background using red/violet and blue/violet.  They mix well together without going either gray nor brown.  I wanted a change from the fill in the shapes, coloring book activity I fall into after creating the initial closed form ink drawing.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll  start with a strictly contour drawing that will result in open form rather than closed form, lending itself to looser brush work and mingling of colors.

Sketchbook Morning Drawing: Trumpet Parts No. 64, drawn first with Preppy Fountain Pen fit with a fine tip marker tip filled with Noodler’s Heart of Darkness ink.  Followed by wet in wet application of watercolor.  I left the white of the paper in small areas for value contrast against the naturally dark color value of saturated violet, both red/violet and blue/violet.